Thursday, 11 December 2008


I do have a lot of photographs to share and narrate another travel-tale, but in these troubled times i have lost the will and enthusiasm to do so.The country is at war and the enemy strikes at will again and again and again..choosing his time and our place and we simply curse and move on . There is a lot of anger in air after Bombay attacks or at least media projection is such. As a Delhiite i can say it with conviction that when this city was recently struck twice there was hardly such feeling among the city-dwellers. It so happened that i was moving in public transport on both occasions when the news about the Delhi blasts came and to my shock and horror co-passengers kept discussing share market or some trivial, day to day ,mundane issue without even reacting to the news. It has been around two months and i feel living in a city of dead , a ghost-town perhaps and there seems no light at the end of tunnel, no silver-line nothing . Delhiites are immune to terror. Lets raise a toast to their dead souls.


  1. Three Boos to the City of Stink , Ugliness and Death!

    Keep heart Bhai! आएंगे, उजले दिन ज़रूर आएंगे!

  2. माना आयेंगे मगर कब आयेंगे !!शायद तब हम ना होंगे!!जो लिखा है वह मुझे सच दिख रहा है वैसे कहने वाले कह्ते है दिल्ली दिलवालो की नगरी है !!

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