Saturday, 28 January 2012

Prasanna gets a standing ovation

If India is incredible then Japan is amazing. It is always full of surprises for an expat like me . This time the occasion was that of an academic conference in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies where highlight of the evening was a play called Prasanna produced by the Japanese students of Hindi . Nothing short of surprising that it has been more than a grand 100 years since Hindi is being taught here and students very enthusiastically participate in stage productions once every year. It was,in fact, repeat show of this production which i witnessed again with some of fellow Indians here. It was enthralling indeed to see the Japanese students dancing to the tunes of Indian songs. They not only danced with gaiety and spring in their feet , but their facial expressions were also very subtle and engrossing .Befittingly, they got a standing ovation from the audience. Watch for yourself.


  1. Absolutely right Munish Ji.....It was one of the unique experiences for me too. Thanks for the post......please keep posting such nice glimpses.

    1. I always wish to provided will of friends is there !