Saturday, 22 October 2011

Meeting the Masters

योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्- perfection in executing one's Karma is true Yoga. It is always enriching and enlightening to see great masters in action . Recently it so happened that i came across two such personalities , on different occasions and in different countries though. One is the one and only Mister Amitabh Bachchan and the other one Master Tatsuya Naka -- a force to reckon with in the realm of Japanese martial arts .That day Mister Bachchan was unwell , but still shooting for his TV show as per his promise , the episode which was to be telecast on Hindi Divas. He started with an impressive rendition of Bhartendu's lines--
निज भाषा उन्नति अहै, सब उन्नति को मूल,
निज भाषा के ज्ञान बिना मिटत न हिय को सूल.
He greeted everyone on the occasion . There were many non native speakers of Hindi there and everyone hailed him unanimously. He kept shooting without a single fumble or retake .There were 45 cameras watching his every step and even a twitch of an eyebrow . A stunning storehouse of positive energy and self control . After shooting he changed into his trek suit and then looked very frail and tired but still kept his word and obliged me with his precious time and memorable pics with him. Under master Naka i had to undergo a very short stint of training for some specific task and he was an epitome of all that greatness and generosity which makes Japan what it is . He was aware of the power of Pranayama and held India in great esteem. A great human being and martial artist as well.


  1. Great!You must learn martial art from Shri Naka.Had I been there I would have definitely done so.

  2. @Sharad-Well it was just for an official purpose for a short while Sharad bhai, ab itna stamina kahan? Baba Ramdev ji ke kahe pe chal len vahi bahut!

    @Sandeep-Ye to sab sansar chakra hai Sandeep bhai kintu aese logon ke darshan hue badi baat hai.Prabhu ka dhanyavaad hai.

  3. मुनीष भाई, किस्मत का भी इसमें मुख्य रोल है। यह जरुर याद रहना चाहिए।

  4. The two qualities of a master, an enlightened person, are humility and compassion; this also holds good for a person who has excelled in his/her field. Such meetings leave an imprint on one's memory, as they have on yours. Your good fortune to have met them.

  5. @Mishra ji- I had never imagined this . Grace of God !
    @Dr.Sahiba- Shukria .
    @Vineeta- WOW!!

    @Prof.Syed- Exactly sir ,rare gems they are !!

  6. अरे वाह! आपके साथ हम भी धन्य हुए!

  7. आपके मित्रों, परिजनों के साथ आपको भी पर्व की मंगलकामनायें!
    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय!